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Stamped Patio Installation

Customer had an existing patio which was too small for their needs. CCC was contracted to remove the existing patio and install a new & attractive stamped patio. Call us today !

Stamped Concrete Patio

CCC was contracted to install a new stamped patio. CCC worked with the customer to come up with the design and executed the job to the customer's complete satisfaction.

Driveway Extension, Sidewalk and Patio installation

Driveway Extension, Sidewalk and Patio Installation. Entire job completed by CCC in two days exceeding customer expectations.

Slab Installation for a new retail location.
New Slab Installation

Proud of our crew to complete slab installation in a timely manner and exceeding customer expectations.

Existing Patio extension

Customer's existing patio was too small for their needs. CCC was contracted to extend the patio. The entire job was finished in one day to customer's satisfaction.

Concrete Driveway installation

New 1700 SQFT driveway installed by CCC. Entire job was completed from start to finish in one day.

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